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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

You might have noticed a few changes to the blog. In fact you might have noticed it’s now 2012, with a few of you taking that noticing further to realise that it’s February 2012, making TwoDots 3 years old (I know, that’s a lot of noticing).

As of yesterday TwoDots stopped being just a one person doodle depository, cursed with the usual slapdash update schedule that’s part opportunity and part whether a joke contains a horse, how difficult it is to draw that horse, and whether or not you can be really bothered to try and draw something that has that many legs when you could probably bash out a tank really quickly. Instead the blog has begun its new year as a sparkling & upbeat collaboration between myself and a person I’ve been envious of for 3.5 years.

I’d like you all to meet NowOverAndOut, the blog’s new Word Play CorresPUNdent*, and my number #1 choice of person if I had to suddenly pick my all time top 3 from a pool of 7 billion. As well as being incredibly talented with almost every art form she takes a hand to, she’s also pretty witty and… well… did i mention being constantly jealous?

With her skill & humour I can only see TwoDots growing in size & wit, and maybe…. just for once… being filled with horse doodles because I really can’t draw horses.

*Pun-win for sure.


& NowOverAndOut

Hey, what is this thing?

Two Dots is a snazzy doodle & webcomic collaboration between NowOverAndOut & B.D; a pun-making, kite flying, doodle producing duo focusing on science, time travel, and the occasional cow.

Drawing of NowOverAndOut

As well as being a science-wielding feminist vegan bee-keeper, NowOverAndOut also makes pretty good balloon animals.

Drawing of B.D

B.D. is the kind of guy who likes to look for precious metals in exotic locations. That's his thing. That and cookies.