Interactive news

*squints* GAH! I can’t read that report on a tweet that I’ve already seen on my phone via twitter!

'Interactive news'

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Sometimes new tech doesn’t always equal good, especially when utilised as gimmicks in an attempt to pull users away from online and mobile media… er I mean… uh wow, look! that news anchor can ROTATE the news!

Anyway let’s see

■ Comic posted on time ✓
■ Added search to the site ✓
■ Found out where the check marks are stored ✓✓✓✓✓

Good job.


Hey, what is this thing?

Two Dots is a snazzy doodle & webcomic collaboration between NowOverAndOut & B.D; a pun-making, kite flying, doodle producing duo focusing on science, time travel, and the occasional cow.

Drawing of NowOverAndOut

As well as being a science-wielding feminist vegan bee-keeper, NowOverAndOut also makes pretty good balloon animals.

Drawing of B.D

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