Puns and Presents

He’s also a husky… because his voice is all… husky… it’s another pun you see?

'Puns and Presents'

Monday, December 26th, 2011

I’m pretty much making world-class puns right here.

Happy holidays everyone!


Hey, what was this thing?

Two Dots was a snazzy doodle & webcomic in the era when that kind of thing was kind of cool (and when drawing something dumb seemed like the perfect excuse to avoid writing a university paper about rocks).

It was both a collaboration between a pun-making, kite flying, doodle producing duo, and for argon who put everything together and then had to fix things when I broke it, probably an eternal struggle.

While a lot of comics were made and published on this site, I've kept only a few of my favourites that embarrass me the least.