Bulls with problems...

WOAH. I mean, say whaaaat. Did he just say. OMG.

'Bulls with problems…'

Monday, September 9th, 2013

You know, this isn’t the first time cows have had problems. In fact cows seem to get it in the neck pretty often on this site

Also woo, first comic of 2013!*

*nine months in


Hey, what is this thing?

Two Dots is a snazzy doodle & webcomic collaboration between NowOverAndOut & B.D; a pun-making, kite flying, doodle producing duo focusing on science, time travel, and the occasional cow.

Drawing of NowOverAndOut

As well as being a science-wielding feminist vegan bee-keeper, NowOverAndOut also makes pretty good balloon animals.

Drawing of B.D

B.D. is the kind of guy who likes to look for precious metals in exotic locations. That's his thing. That and cookies.